Illegal raves in Sheffield leave thousands sleep deprived and looking for answers

Police are following up on reports of two separate raves that shook Sheffield throughout Saturday night.

Those affected took to social media to comment on loud bass noises throughout the night that left them and their loved ones unable to sleep.

Police believe the noise came from two events that had taken place in the Ringinglow and Darnall areas.

However, Reddit users speculate that one of the raves took place at Attercliffe Common, with a video of a couple dozen partygoers enjoying what seemed to be the closing stages of an outdoor music event in a field, which many believe to have been the source of the ongoing racket throughout the night and early morning.

Polly Rippon, who lives in Millhouses, said: “I was woken up at around 4am by the bass. My seven year old was woken at 5am.

“Police told me that they were so busy with 999 calls they didn’t have the resources to send anyone out.”

Complaints about the noise came from across the city, ranging from Crookes to Hillsborough.

One of the raves reportedly started late on the Saturday night, and lasted well into Sunday, enraging locals who had had their whole night and morning disrupted by the loud noise.

While the noise has caused much uproar throughout the Steel City, many have taken to social media to show their support for younger people blowing off steam this way.

One Twitter user said: “Good on them! Just youth letting off a bit of steam and having a laugh with mates. Rave on kids!”

For some, the noise was just too excessive, and many people are looking for answers from the police, and are questioning why more action wasn’t taken when the raves were taking place.

“I’m not a party pooper and I’m all for people having a good time but I think it’s a bit ridiculous when half the city is unable to sleep and nothing is done. There were people in neighbourhoods all over the west of Sheffield affected. The council needs to crack down on this.”

Police have announced that they will launch an investigation, and have encouraged anyone with information to come forward.

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