Creator of new social eating group appeals for supplies and volunteers to help cut down on food waste

A community group has appealed for surplus grub and volunteers to help cook up regular feasts to help cut down on food waste.

Sheffield Sunday social group, which has a Facebook page, aims to encourage people to come and eat together and enjoy a freshly cooked meal.

Greg Hewitt, a student Engagement and Development Coordinator at The University of Sheffield, wanted to create a group for the community to sit and eat together, creating community cohesion and preventing social isolation.

The 34-year-old said the main challenge is that they “need surplus food” to combat food waste and “cook up nice food”.

The group will be a follow-up from a previous organisation that started in April 2022 and lasted until last November. Greg said that groups similar to Sheffield Sunday social exist but he noticed that there were no eat-together groups on a weekend or ones that were open to everyone.

People involved in Sunday Social cooking at St Andrew’s United Reformed Church

The group will take place at St Andrew’s United Reformed Church, Upper Hanover Street, Sheffield, on a Sunday. It costs £2.50 for adults and £1.50 for children, however, Greg said “pay what you can.”

Greg said they reached out to Fare Share, a charity network that tackles hunger and food waste but were unable to work with them.

He said: “Sheffield Sunday Social doesn’t tick their box because our group is inclusive to everyone and not just people in disadvantaged situations.”

Greg is also keen to work with Food Works, a company that upcycles surplus and locally-grown food at Richard Park Road, Sheffield. However, they are only open Monday to Friday.

Other factors preventing the group from being able to function include the desperate need for volunteers as Greg works full time so is unable to run Sheffield Sunday Social alone. The group will also need funding from the council for other expenses such as spices to make the meals taste better.

If you are able to help with the appeal and are interested in volunteering you can contact Greg through the Sheffield Sunday social Facebook page. (20+) Sheffield Sunday Social | Sheffield | Facebook

Written by Amy Rawlings

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