Sheffield council tax set to rise by nearly 5%

Sheffield council tax may increase by 4.99% in order to balance the budget.

The draft budget was proposed on February and councillors will vote on it next month.

“This is a difficult choice and will place an additional financial burden on the households of Sheffield,” officers said in a recent report but added the decision was not taken lightly.

The increase in council tax will help to avoid “wholesale closures of services”. A council spokesperson said: “The reason of this increase is the authority was left on a cliff edge after fighting to keep up with inflation, rising demand for services and having to make more than £475 million in savings over the past 13 years to offset cuts to funding.”

For most families in Sheffield, this will mean an increase of  £1.12 per week, which would generate about £5m in funding.

Talking about the budget near the end of last year, councillor Bryan Lodge, co-chair of the finance committee, said: “It is almost like a Doomsday scenario. We’ve taken anything and everything over the past 10 years – where else do you go?”

A council spokesperson added that thirteen years of delivering over £475m of savings to offset cuts in funding, as well as cost pressures resulting from inflation and demand for vital service, means savings have become increasingly difficult to deliver without wholesale closures of service on which Sheffield residents rely. 

The government has said that councils should consider money pressure on residents.

It said the amount local authorities would be able to spend in the coming financial year was set to rise by £5.1bn, representing an average 9% rise for local authorities.

Written by Yaocheng Liu

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