Burngreave group hopes to give their area a spring clean

Burngreave organisations have set up an action group with the aim of improving the environment within their local area. 

Burngreave Environmental Action Now (BEAN) has been established as a ‘new umbrella group for individuals and local organisations who want to improve the environment’ in the ward. 

The centrepiece of their aims is a ‘spring clean week’, with community litter picks planned throughout many of the areas in the ward, such as streets, parks and allotments.

Malcolm Camp, a development manager at Green City Action, said that some areas had “no caretaking” since 1996. 

Mr Camp said that the broad aim of the programme was to “bring the community together, to make different parts of the community realise it’s not other people’s fault, it’s a shared responsibility and that we can all be involved in coming together to help make it better”.

He suggested a reason for the high levels of litter and fly tipping was overcrowding.

He said: “A lot of housing in north Sheffield is unfit for human habitation, the landlords are exploiting that situation by overcrowding. The result of that is too much litter in the house, around the house, in the bins, and around the bins, that leads to litter blowing over north Sheffield.

“There’s quite a systematic problem.”

Mr Camp also said that he recently found ‘waste from Alfreton’, suggesting that there is also a problem with builders rubble. 

Burngreave is one of the most deprived areas within the city, and Mr Camp said that this and the unfolding cost-of-living crisis also contributed to waste management problems, saying that ‘once you’ve got a carrier bag or two, that’s your lot if you’re on foot’. 

Sheffield City Council has become involved with the group, with the Lord Mayor Coun Sioned Mair-Richards taking part in a litter pick along Lyons Street, on Sunday 5 March. 

Lyn Brandon, a local volunteer with BEAN said: “I think the council are very supportive of what we’re doing because they know they can’t do things on their own, we’ve always had a good relationship.”

Further details and updates on the work can be found by emailing beanburngreave@gmail.com, or by joining ‘Burngreave Spring Clean Week’ group on Facebook. 

Written by Alex Simpson

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