Sheffield University cheerleading team finish as podium placers for their first competition in Manchester

The Sheffield Sabrecats Cheerleading competition team won third place at the University of Manchester nationals, clawing their way to victory for their future competitions coming up.

After five months of intense training, the Sheffield cheerleading team went to Manchester to attend their first competition of the season called the University Nationals on Sunday 19 February. 

Mabel Smith, 18, a spectator of the team’s performance, said: “Although they seemed nervous before, the atmosphere really shifted when they came on stage.” 

The team’s coaches, Cassie Lee and Tia Xiourouppas, provided an inside scoop into what the team did to prepare.

Tia said: “We made sure to sit and watch the girls perform the dance ‘full out’ multiple times to check every detail was perfect.”

Cassie added: “We included sprung floor practises into our training to help with adaptation to the floor as we don’t have them every time we practice.”

After all teams competing had performed, everyone was called to sit together to hear the results of the competition – the ‘Sheffield Sabrecats’ sat in a circle holding hands. 

Izzy Davies aged 20, a member of the team said: “Our main goal is to score as highly as we can. We’ve worked hard and we want our score and place to reflect that.” 

The Sheffield Sabrecats were announced third place and the judges handed the team a trophy and a banner.

Heidi Lloyd, a former coach of the team said: “Coming third was a huge achievement and I am excited to see how much we can improve before the next comp.” 

After the awards, the team was given detailed feedback from the judges, letting the coaches know what needs to be improved before the next competition. 

Sarah Moore, a member of Sheffield Sabrecats explained why she thinks they are a successful team.

She said: “We all support each other and help give advice on how to improve skills. The coaches have worked extremely hard to create an incredible routine to perform at competitions.

“The team works so hard to improve their formations, strength, flexibility, and technique every single week, which is why Sheffield Sabrecats are so strong.”

Charlotte Hood, a team member for three years commented on what qualities the Sheffield Sabrecats have that make the team so strong.

“I think the most important thing we are like a family,” she said.

“We all work so hard individually which means as a collective we smash everything we do.”

The team have three more competitions in the next month: The future cheer Sheffield Competition, The BCA Worcester competition, and the ICC Nottingham competition.

Evie Twell,18, said: “I’m feeling so excited for our future competitions, especially now we placed well in our first one. I’m feeling a lot less anxious for the rest. I can’t wait to spend more time with the team and make more memories together.”

Written by Lauren Oliver

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