Sheffield shows support for Brianna Ghey with candle lit vigil

Hundreds of people attended a candlelit vigil in Sheffield’s Peace Gardens in support of 16-year-old transgender girl Brianna Ghey who was killed earlier this month.

There were a number of moving speeches highlighting the importance of recognising Brianna, her life and how it is essential to not erase her “trans-ness”.

In their speech a spokesperson from Sheffield Action Group said: “In the past few days we have seen articles erase Brianna’s trans-ness and the bullying she faced, chase down her private medical information to deadname her, and remove gender entirely from their reporting to erase the girl she was and the women she could have been.”

During the vigil last Thursday, many of those who came held banners with poignant messages including Rest In Power Brianna. Candles were also lit in commemoration of Brianna.

After the speeches those who attended were encouraged to speak to one another creating a feeling of solidarity between the community and the allies who had shown up in support.

Vicky Laylor, 45, who attended and spoke at the vigil said: “Obviously everyone is here for a sad reason but we have absolutely packed out this peace garden, it gives hope not only to the young people but to the old ones who may be scared to come out, it is important that we elders show that there is a future and there is a life.”

When asked what allies can do to help she said : “Be there for someone in the community, be supportive and show them the same love and respect and show up to stuff like this.”

The vigil was led by Sheffield Solidarity Group and Sheffield Action group. To get more information and get involved with similar events follow them on twitter @sheffsolgroup and @sheffaction .

Written by Isabella Francois

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