Fallen tree during storm leaves man seriously injured

A man in his 50s has been seriously injured after a large beech tree fell across a Sheffield road during Storm Otto. 

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police told the Sheffield Star: “A man in his 50s was injured and was taken to hospital in serious condition.” 

A family member of the man injured during the incident on Endcliffe Vale Road named him on social media as Graham Bastock. They posted online that Mr Bastock had been in surgery and was stable for the time being but remained unconscious. 

The incident occurred at approximately 8.50am on Friday (17 February) and caused major damage to the driveway from which it fell, as well as the roof of a small building opposite. 

Structural engineers have since been at the scene to assure the stability of the building. 

The road reopened after being shut for the majority of the afternoon, with police having to redirect traffic away from the area. 

A neighbouring resident applauded the efficiency of the workers who cleared up the road, and said: “The tree surgeons were probably here at 10 and by 4 o’clock the road was open again.”

The remainder of the trunk was left on the driveway that it fell from. 

Storm Otto, named by the Danish Met Office, brought in winds reaching up to 70 mph, which caused a variety of problems for South Yorkshire residents. 

It has been reported by Northern Powergrid that across England, approximately 21,000 of their customers lost power during the storm.

There have also been reports of more trees falling around Sheffield due to the severe weather.

Written by Ludo Reynolds

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