Sheffield’s renowned Our Cow Molly dairy takes to Twitter after Storm Otto leaves staff stranded

Staff from the Dungworth farm had to get out and walk after the bus taking them to work was stopped by a falling tree caused by Storm Otto.

The first named storm of 2023 felled the tree on Stopes Road.

A spokesperson for Our Cow Molly said: “The tree fell down blocking the entire road and stopping the bus.

“The bus drove as far as it could and our staff got out and walked.”

Other buses were reported to be turning around at nearby Bricks Works.

The Met Office issued a yellow warning of wind that was reported to have been up to 80mph over the weekend.

The brunt of the storm hit Scotland and other parts of the North East.

Our Cow Molly took to Twitter to ask for help with clearing the incident.

The council’s Streets Ahead team responded, claiming they would aim to help as quickly as they could.

They arrived to clear the scene after about one hour.

This is the first storm to hit the UK since last February, and was named ‘Otto’ by the Danish Met Office.

The UK has since adopted this name as well.

Other trees were reported to have been blown down across various areas of Sheffield, with one injuring a man on Ecclesall Vale Road and damaging a nearby property.

Northern Railway reported that a tree obstructed the railway between New Mills Central and Sheffield on Friday, causing cancellations and delays of up to 60 minutes.

National Highways issued a warning to drivers of vehicles susceptible to strong crosswinds after a heavy goods vehicle was overturned on the A1(M) northbound.

Thousands of homes across the UK also experienced power cuts over the course of the weekend as Storm Otto continued to batter Sheffield.

Northern Powergrid had to restore power to 21,595 customers on Saturday on what they claimed to be ‘a challenging day’.

Severe weather has continued to disrupt travel this week, so make sure to check service update pages before attempting to commute.

Look here for updates on train services. Trainline | Disruption information covering the UK rail network (

Written by Darcie Peskir

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