“Magical” Sheffield sunset “a nice surprise” as it captivates social media users

Social media users took to Twitter and other platforms to post pictures of the striking sunset over Sheffield on Sunday night. 

In some parts of the city people took a moment to capture images of the colourful sky in the city centre and all across Yorkshire.

Students could be seen leaving accommodation and study sessions across the University of Sheffield campus to go and take pictures of the sunset, with nature lovers posting their photos from the Peak District and surrounding areas. 

Twitter user, @callmesara, described the sunset as “magical”.

The sunset seemed to be uplifting for many after a long winter. Jessica Sayle, 19, a Law Student at the University of Sheffield said: “It reminded me that the clocks are going forward soon in March, and it’s a nice surprise.”

Photo by Jasmine El Samad

Dan Walker, a newsreader for 5 News, tweeted: “Beautiful sky in Sheffield tonight.”

The sunset follows several days of cloudy skies and strong winds in Yorkshire, in the wake of Storm Otto, which has disrupted the North.

The break in bad weather was the mood booster that many needed coming into Monday, despite weather warnings being issued for rain and a continuation of strong winds. 

Sunsets are caused by light that travels from the Sun and through the atmosphere in invisible waves. The light appears white to us but is made up of lots of different colours and different wavelengths.

The Met Office website says that sunsets like the one spotted in Sheffield are made up of red, orange and purple hues, which are caused because blue light is scattered more by the atmosphere than other colours as it is distributed in shorter wavelengths.

This means that blue light is deflected more times, and we see the red, warm colours.

Written by Jasmine El Samad

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