Sheffield residents urge Council to increase litter efforts

Complaints from Sheffield’s residents have increased over the amounts of litter and fly tipping over the past few months, despite multiple attempts to combat the problem.

Sheffield City Council has implemented multiple schemes to reduce the amount of litter, yet many residents are still unhappy with the condition of the streets of Sheffield and feel as though the council could do more, with calls for more bins and recycling options.

Some residents have become so frustrated that they have taken the matter into their own hands, with the Sheffield Litter Pickers Facebook group organising regular meets, and now has over four thousand members.

Zowie, a Sheffield resident all their life, said on Facebook the problem was ‘always getting worse’ and complained about the state of the bins in the Lansdowne Estate, saying there was “rubbish falling out of the holes in the bottom, broken containers, open bins letting all sorts fly about, plus folk throwing rubbish over the landings into them, miss and leave it. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

Others put it down to the growing culture for drive-thru food, whilst another has blamed the Blackstock Road Recycling Centre’s decision to not allow vans into the site for the fly tipping on Gaunt Road.

Veolia, who run the centre, have been contacted for comment but had not replied at the time of publication.

Last March, the South Sheffield Local Area Committee, in consultation with residents, developed plans for targeted enforcement measures, CCTV and community engagement, as well as identifying the top ten fly tipping hot spots. 

In December, plans included working with council services and the community to clean up ‘the Lumb’ area in Gleadless Valley. However in January, Green Party Councillor Paul Turpin told the Sheffield Star that he’d spotted nine incidents of fly tipping within a few hundred metres of each other in the area.

Sheffield City Council launched ‘Streets Ahead’ in 2012, with an investment contract worth £2bn over 25 years and the aim of ‘maintaining the condition’ of the City.

To date they claim to have responded to 174,820 requests for street cleaning.

The council also provides residents with the ability to organise communal litter picking events, through providing equipment and offering to collect the litter.

Residents have also called for changes in attitude and raising the awareness of the problems of litter.

According to the council Streets Ahead education officer has delivered litter assemblies at schools to 4,000 pupils in the past academic year.

Written by Sebastian Alston

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