Sheffield pizza restaurant raises money for the Turkey and Syria earthquake disaster

A Sheffield pizza restaurant, the Nether Edge Pizza Company, is raising money for the recent earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria.

Owner, Gary Hutton, explained how his restaurant is raising money following the “worst natural disaster in living memory” in Turkey and Syria in recent days by donating one hundred percent of their sales of garlic breads to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC).

The earthquake, which destroyed towns and cities across Turkey and Syria, as well as costing thousands of lives, provided the incentive for Mr Hutton to raise money following the disaster.

Having previously raised awareness in the same way for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, the war in Ukraine and recent flooding in Pakistan, Mr Hutton described the initiative as “a really good method of gathering money to worthy causes.

“It is not always easy to give or to donate. This is a very easy method, and is generally our customers ordering from us on a really busy Friday or Saturday night, who might see on our menu or website that they can order an extra garlic bread knowing all of the money is going towards Turkey and Syria.”

“Garlic bread is something which most people order with their food, it doesn’t take long to make and it is an affordable donation from the restaurant. It is a really nice, easy way for lots of people to donate to a good cause,” said Mr Hutton.

The devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake, has destroyed thousands of buildings and taken countless lives, with rescue services working tirelessly through the rubble in the search for survivors.

Mr Hutton stressed the importance of raising money for local businesses in the area, as well as the wider community who “need to do anything and everything we can to get as much money, aid and support over to Turkey and Syria.”

Previous donations from Nether Edge Pizza Company, such as the money raised towards the war in Ukraine, surpassed £650.

Nether Edge Pizza Company said that they will reveal a figure for the amount of money raised on Sunday, but so far, “it in the hundreds,” with the hope of raising another “couple of hundred pounds” before they release the final amount in the coming days.

Details of how to donate can be found on the Nether Edge Pizza Company website, or, alternatively, people can donate directly through the British Red Cross.

Written by Oliver Pallas

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