South Yorkshire hit by series of arson attacks on cars

A total of 31 ‘deliberate’ vehicle fires have occurred throughout South Yorkshire in the space of only 15 days.

Throughout February there has been a significant increase in deliberate vehicle fires reported on the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue website.

Vehicles subjected to these deliberate fires are believed to have been caused by a range of arson attacks.

In one weekend of the 10th to the 12th of February there were no fewer than seven deliberate vehicle fires.

A recent Facebook post from a victim on the Gleadless Valley Facebook group has been seeking help after their car was subjected to an arson attack at 9:30pm on February 13 on Abney Close in Sheffield.

She said: “I was asleep in bed with my baby when I got woken.”

She said: “This has left me in a vulnerable and scared position.”

The victim is asking for anybody with CCTV footage who lives in the area to contact her and for users to share her post.

It is reported by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue that the incident required ‘two fire crews from Birley Moor station’ at the scene.  

There have also been an increase in deliberate rubbish fires in the region.

Written by Charlotte Smith

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