Sheffield fundraiser helps build a Garden of Unity in support of Palestine

A Sheffield clothes swap fundraiser has helped to raise money to build a ‘Garden Of Unity’ and heighten awareness in support of Palestine. 

Local Heeley resident Mrs Pauline Lambert, 70, has been the organiser for the fundraiser for the last few years after visiting a live music event in 2020 and talking with a branch for the Labour party who were making efforts to support Palestine. 

Mrs Lambert decided to set up the event to raise money for both Medical Aid for Palestine and educational campaigns, saying that the events are “concentrated on projects close to her heart”.

The Garden of Unity has been created in the West Bank town of Nablus to develop links between all faiths.

At previous fundraisers, the venue had been at full capacity of 60 people managing to raise £300 , although Mrs Lambert said: “I would have liked a bigger venue this time so as to be able to raise more money”. 

Mrs Lambert wanted to do the fundraiser to make the community more aware of the situation in Palestine, although mentioned that she had moved from Firth Park, that “had a really strong community feel about it, to an area with no sense of community”, emphasising that she missed the area very much and that it has ‘many positives’. 

Awareness of the clothes swap event was spread by “word of mouth, leafleting outside and inside communal areas of the University and leaving leaflets in cafes and shops”. Mrs Lambert said: “Some of the money from the last clothes swap went to the building of the Garden of Peace and the response and appreciation was unbelievable”. The Garden of Peace for all faiths has a conference centre and a community area.

In order to raise more awareness for Palestine, literature was handed out and a speaker at the beginning of the event welcomed guests and explained the aim of the fundraiser.

Mrs Lambert is involved in a few fundraising events for different causes and is currently fundraising to help rescue a dog from the meat trade in Thailand and “is sure there will be” efforts to support the recent earthquake affecting Turkey and Syria.

Local businesses had helped to show their support by donating prizes that can be used in a raffle. Mrs Lambert said “Everyone was very impressed with the actual event and they said they look forward to another’. Emphasising the success of the fundraiser in previous years.

Written by Nicole Hannam

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