Sheffield cyclists receive positive news about new secure cycle hub

Sheffield City Council has announced their plans to spend £410k on a short-term storage unit of up to 200 bicycles in an attempt to promote a greener city.

This has come months after Green leader Douglas Johnson voiced his frustration surrounding the delay of the secure bike hub which because of rising costs of e-bikes and increased congestion around the city he says it is ‘all the more important’.

The storage unit will include e-bike charging points and other facilities, emphasising the efforts being made by the council to decrease congestion issues.

@PPushbike on twitter said: “We’ve been waiting for this for years. It’ll make it easier to cycle into town and shop, without wondering whether your bike will still be there when you get back”.

In August 2022 it was announced that Russell Cutts of Russell’s Bicycle Shed at Midland Station had been chosen to run the facility. This is thought to be in addition to the very similar service at the station.

Whilst the due date for completion of this project is unknown, the ‘wheels are finally in motion’ after years of planning.

Coun Mahzer Iqbal, co-chair of the transport, regeneration and climate policy committee, told the Sheffield Star: “Russell’s Bike Shed will be running the cycle hub and work is underway to determine the final layout and subsequent fit out”.

Sheffield City Council plans to reduce emissions by introducing a ’15 minute city’ scheme on top of Clean Air Zone for diesel vehicles within the inner ring road. But the plans have met with resistance from some members of the public who argue it will hit the self-employed, and a petition against the measures has been started.

This ’15 minute city’ plan means Sheffield will be split into parts and people will only be allowed to leave their zone 100 times a year – fines will be implemented if people exceed their allotted amount.

But this may come as good news for many cyclists as this will reduce the number of cars on the road and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

South Yorkshire Police said that 1,445 cycling accidents have occurred over the last 10 years including 3 deaths.

With a secure bike shed and decreased cars on the road the people of Sheffield may be more inclined to swap their car for a cleaner 2 wheeled alternative.

Written by James Morgan-Wynne

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