Food banks feel the pressure of the cost of living crisis leaving them with a crisis of their own  

A Sheffield food bank distributed 500 supplies each week to households in December. 

Food Banks across the UK are facing demands from thousands of new users as the cost of living crisis leaves millions without basic human essentials. 

The surge in costs has caused food banks to deal with a crisis of their own pleading for people to help out.

The Sheffield S6 foodbank, part of The Trussell trust, took to social media to spread awareness and wrote: “As the cost of living crisis started to bite in the autumn we saw more and more new faces coming through the door.”

The foodbank manager of the Sheffield S6 warehouse Chris Hardy expressed how they help the community and said: “We give them food and support them with their debt and housing issues.”

The Sheffield food bank has a new #warmspace scheme – helping people wishing to access wider support services to help with debt benefit claims and housing issues.

During 2022 the Sheffield S6 foodbank distributed 500 tons of food to people in need, with 500 supplies being dispensed each week to families and households within the December period. 

Mr Hardy said they had been able to help people in the community cope because of the agencies and people in place, but many charities are struggling.

The foodbank emphasises its strong relationships with various support services, and the proud partnership with others who are also working towards the same goal.

Sharon Moffat took to social media to praise the Sheffield S6 foodbank and said: “I had the privilege of working here today. These people are amazing! Not just for the food they provide but for the fantastic support they offer.”

Throughout the continuation of the cost of living crisis the Sheffield food bank supported 3,200 individual households , and focused on 4,342 conversations supporting emotional wellbeing, as they pride their community’s mental health. 

Mr Hardy added: “We are going to continue to do what we do with their support and provide food and wrap-around services.” 

Written by Abigail Williams

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