The local band who played in ‘The Full Monty’ are hoping to make their way to the National Brass Band championship

The Unite the Union brass band

The local band who played in ‘The Full Monty’ are preparing for the upcoming National Brass Band championship.
On Saturday the 28th of February the Niagara sports and social club is holding the Test Piece Preview Night to prepare for the regional brass band competition.
The Unite the Union Brass band is most famously known for being the brass band who played in the popular film, ‘The Full Monty’.
The band has gone through many changes in its history, in terms of the band name and its members.
In ‘Full Monty’, they were then known as The Stocksbridge Engineering Steels Band.
This practice evening will see which band progresses to the regional area contest within Sheffield and then to the national level of the competition.
Gemma Grayson, 36, plays in the brass band herself and is also in charge of social media for the band.
She said: “In terms of the band we have changed names over the years. We used to be the City of Sheffield Brass Band and we are the number one band in Sheffield.”

High hopes

The Unite the Union Brass Band have high hopes to get through to the national championship, based on their previous experience and reputation.
Miss Grayson is also part of the Woodhouse Prize Brass Band which is a more local community-based band.
The Woodhouse Prize Band does not take part in the regional championships, but Miss Grayson is dedicated about both bands she is a part of.


Miss Grayson herself is passionate about the connection between local bands and schools within Sheffield.
When asked about the community band that she plays in, she said: “We encourage the younger people.”
She later added: “It’s tricky at the moment because the relationship with the music service isn’t great.”
Some other bands that will be taking part in the competition are the Maltby Miners’ Welfare Band, Loxley Silver Band, and the Chapeltown Silver Prize Band.
This Area contest is open to the public and is usually a popular event being held in the Niagara Sports and Social Club in Loxley.
For further details about the event, please visit the Unite the Union Brass band Facebook page.

Written by Emily Bonham

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