Sheffield to host Ukraine vigil one year on from invasion

Sheffield Peace Gardens will host a vigil in support of Ukraine on the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

A vigil organised by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain will take place at Sheffield’s rose garden on the 24th of February to reflect on the first anniversary of the invasion and celebrate a year of Ukraine’s resistance.

The AUGB are a community organisation that looks to provide advice, welfare and other assistance to relieve suffering and hardship to Ukrainians in need including those in Ukraine.

In a press release, the organisation said: “This will be a national moment to pay tribute to the bravery of Ukrainians and highlight the UK’s solidarity with the country as they continue their courageous fight and following the historic visit of President Zelenskyy to the UK last week.”

The organisation will start the event honouring the memory of the children who died in the war at six o’clock in Winter Gardens, followed by a rally at the Peace Gardens. For more details on the event, check out the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain’s Facebook page.

The vigil commemorates the first anniversary of the entry of Russian infantry divisions, armoured vehicles, air support, and numerous missile attacks in Eastern and Western Ukraine. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights estimates that 7,155 civiliana died in the the last 12 months.

Sheffield has played a vital role in housing Ukrainian refugees as, according to the Department for levelling up, Housing and Communities, in September and October 2022, 1016 households used the Ukrainian refugee sponsorship scheme.

A Ukrainian national who lives with a sponsoring family in Sheffield talks about the difficulties of leaving Ukraine; they said: “The vast majority of Ukrainians consider you a traitor if you leave. You can often find narratives on Ukrainian forums. They hate you, despise you, and want to take away your property because, in their opinion, you are acting dishonestly. I am very worried about the future of Ukraine.”

If you wish to support the people of Ukraine, visit Disasters Emergency Committee.

Written by Jack Dean

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