Sheffield Council explains delays to controversial Ecclesall Road food hall plans

By Lewis Railton

Plans for a new food hall to open in a derelict church building on Ecclesall Road have been deferred by Sheffield City Council.

Roy Mcleod, planning officer for Sheffield City Council said privacy concerns, detailing and cycle storage provision are the cause for a decision to be put off.

Plans for the food hall involve converting the unused and graffitied church building at 605 Ecclesall Road, which has been abandoned for 30+ years.

Unused church building has been out of use for decades

In two letters of support Charlotte Whittaker and Richard Howard said: “The plans put forward would resurrect a derelict and unsightly building.”

They also said it would be “great for the city”, and compared to Sheffield hotspots Cutlery Works and Kommune.

Hours of operating have also been highlighted by the council as an issue, which is said to be 7am until 1.30am, daily.

This has been raised after Local councillor Brian Holmshaw said there was a 11.30pm planning curfew in Ecclesall Road, which would lead to a change to closing hours.

Local residents have asked for these hours to be reduced over concerns surrounding noise pollution in the area.

Those on Botanical Road, opposite the site of the disused building are most likely to be affected by noise if all goes ahead.

Grace Malone, 19, from Endcliffe, who is a University of Sheffield student, dismissed those complaining about the potential of noise pollution from the eatery at late hours.

Grace Malone, University of Sheffield student

“At the end of the day, Sheffield is a student city so they need to get on with it.”

Inventive Service Company are behind the prospects of creating a new food hall Founders and Co, which will offer a space for retail and work, as well as a restaurant area.

They already have a food hall located on Wind Street, Swansea which hosts a variety of events and pride themselves in “supporting and celebrating…local traders.” 

The company, created by Revolution Bars Group PLC shares their vision to be “the place where everyone wants to be.”

This will also offer more job opportunities for the local area, a positive step for the local area.

If the Food Hall is approved, it will join many other eateries that currently make up Ecclesall Road. 

Written by Lewis Railton

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