Four young boys joyride, crash and run away

By Lucy Tyson

Four young boys were caught on camera joyriding a car before crashing and then running quickly away from the scene of the crime.

After taking a car and illegally driving dangerously at extreme speeds in Grenoside, Sheffield, the teenagers have been caught on CCTV after causing utter destruction towards another car, leading it to be written off.

Neighbours and family members of car owner Cameron Beer, 20, were woken by ‘loud bangs’ which were described as sounding like ‘gunshots’ at 3:10am on Friday the 10 February.

CCTV images from the incident show a young boy running away after the crash.

Neighbour Bailey Holland, 69, said he was ‘worried for the safety of his home.’

The loud bangs came from the boys speeding around corners, skimming houses and multiple cars, then finally crashing into Mr Beer’s black and red Ford Fiesta.

Mr Beer said he was ‘outraged’ to find his car in a completely destroyed state, with all the front of the vehicle completely damaged, with both lights smashed out and all scratched throughout all of the sides, leading the car to be damaged to the point that it’s no longer roadworthy.

The teenagers caused extreme damage and abandoned the stolen white Vauxhall Corsa, as both cars were destroyed within the action. The neighbours felt for Mr Beer, one saying ‘damage could have happened to any of us and our property.’

All four young boys ran quickly away from the crashing of both vehicles, completely deserting the car.

South Yorkshire police have been contacted for a further comment but had not replied at the time of publication.

Written by Lucy Tyson

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