Youth led movement GNDR takes root in Sheffield amidst climate crisis

A youth-led group which aims to tackle climate issues has opened its first branch in Sheffield.

Green New Deal Rising hosted its first ‘big Sheffield meet up’ with the aim to build ‘an unstoppable movement of young people across the UK’.

It supports the Green New Deal proposals which call for changes in public policy to address climate change.

Launched in August 2021, GNDR said it wants to double the size of the movement in 2023 and planned six online meet ups between February and March to discuss how it can make a real impact.

William Brassington, one of the Sheffield organisers, said: “GNDR have organised a mass canvasing event on 25 March, hosting Olivia Blake who is the New Deal Rising champion and supports the movement.”

He said that the organisation only recently picked up in Sheffield and they held the first meeting on 9 February to discuss how to develop communities.

An event which William said was a great success.

William said: “We were very pleased, about 49 to 51 people turned up and the atmosphere was very positive.

“We think there was no hub for people to engage with climate action, but it felt like people have now found their space.”

On the official website, it said ‘last year they shone a light on the government, exposing their failures and cruel policies’.

Aspiring to hold politicians accountable, GNDR said it needed a ‘political army of our own’.

The group is encouraging people with a passion for climate action to join the team, partake in online events held between 15 February and 16 March.

William said: “From MP challenges to digital actions, disruptive interventions and infiltrations of their fancy events, we won’t stop until we win.”

Written by Ruhan Sadman

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