One-day old kitten, frozen and abandoned, rescued by RSPCA Sheffield.

A one-day-old kitten was rescued from the jaws of death when it was saved from freezing temperatures by RSPCA Sheffield.

The kitten, named Zeph, is thought to have been abandoned by his mother, and was the only surviving member of its litter.

The RSPCA have said that Zeph was “born outside” and was “frozen and gasping” when he was found, but with the help of two inspectors, armed with heat pads and warm blankets, he managed to pull through.

They claim it is common for mothers to abandon their litter when they are young and inexperienced.

Zeph received syringe feeding every two hours for the first few nights and as a result, is now feeding well, gaining weight and “really showing that Sheffield fighting spirit.”

Following the rescue Sheffield RSPCA has started a fundraising appeal.

In a Facebook post it said: “This is just the start for us – we know that there will be many more Zephs to come and more and more kittens keep arriving here at the centre.

“So Sheffield if you can at all spare anything towards any of our little ones care we would be so grateful, or even if you could grab a box of kittens meat next time you’re shopping it would mean the world, any brand or flavour – our little ones aren’t picky!”

To view their post or to donate to RSPCA Sheffield, please visit their Facebook page.

Written by Benj Simmons

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