‘Women of Steel’ riding for cleaner trails and environmentalism

By Larissa Hurt

A women’s cycling group have organised a trail clean with Trash Free Trials at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

The ride organised by Cotic Women of Steel is scheduled to leave at 10 on Saturday morning from The Workstation to Parkwood Springs.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is an annual festival happening from March 18th to the 20th that celebrates the best new adventure films from around the world.

Kelly-Jayne Collinge, 30, an ambassador for Cotic said Women of Steel is “a growing community of women riders where we could all meet up in our own safe inclusive space”.

Cotic is an independent bicycle company based in the Peak District which makes modern steel mountain and gravel bikes with progressive geometry.

The Cotic Women of Steel, introduced in 2019, aims to encourage more women into the sport and create a safe space that is open to all.

Miss Collinge said: “We ride every month and it’s not about going fast or far, just about having a good time.

“The work with Trash Free Trails (TFT) is amazing and they do a lot for the community and it is just about having a look at where we can help in any way we can.”

TFT  is a non-profit organisation that exists to protect the trails and the environment by getting rid of single-use pollution.

Dom Ferris, 31, the founder of TFT said: “The spring trail cleans are our biggest, mass participation trash collection project summit. We encourage our TrashMob to come together and remove as much single-use pollution from their trails and wild places.”

The organisation aims to reduce single-use pollution on trails and wild places by 75 per cent by 2025 to reconnect people with nature through purposeful adventure.

Mr Ferris said the organisation had removed “1500kg of full bin bags in 2021 from nature trails”.

The film festival has lots of events occurring throughout the few days such as a screening of Adventure Bites and a Yugen Explore Hiking meet-up.

Festival founder and director Matt Heason said on the website it is a “friendly festival, welcoming everyone whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast or an armchair adventurer who just loves a good story”.

Written by Lindsay Pantry

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