Students urged to lock accommodation doors after spate of burglaries

By Ellie Jones

Sheffield University’s security services have blamed students for a spate of burglaries in The Endcliffe village.

Security bosses said they want to reassure the students that the residences have high safety standards and the main issue is due to students leaving doors unlocked.

There are 4,500 residents in the Endcliffe Student Village, and there has been an outcry from some who say they don’t feel safe in their accommodation.

The University of Sheffield website promises “a safe and friendly environment”, but some residents of Endcliffe don’t agree.

Aidan Stansbury, 19, a politics student said “I felt safe in Endcliffe before the thefts as I didn’t think our accommodation was a likely target area but since the burglaries and seeing them first hand with a mate. I don’t feel as safe.”

Head of security at the University of Sheffield, Richard Yates, said: “We want to reassure students, parents and others that all our student residences have very high safety standards and that serious crime at our residences is very rare. 

“Since January, we have received no report of forced entry to our properties, we have had one burglary on the Endcliffe site. Other reports we have received relate to issues between individual student residents, flats that have been left unlocked or around people who have been invited into flats.” 

There have been reports of faulty doors where the front door of the accommodation does not lock when closed and a fob is not required to get in.

Caitlin Smith, 19, a business management and economics student, said : “The main door to our building is actually broken and has been broken for quite some time now so anyone can get into the building.”

Isabel Lalli, 19, said: “I’ve felt very unsafe, I am on the ground floor so I feel like I can’t even open my window. It’s left me on edge and I feel like the security has been really useless and I feel let down by the university.”

Mr Yates said: “Our residences have extensive CCTV coverage and on-site 24 hour security. The university also employs 2 dedicated police officers who patrol our campus and can respond quickly to any issues. 

“Our university security team is here to help all students keep safe and we encourage students to get to know our safety advice and contact us with any concerns.” 

Written by Eleanor Jones

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