University introduces £1m grant to support students from war-torn students

In response to the war in Ukraine, The University of Sheffield has put forward £1 million of funding to support current students and scholars from war torn countries.

The grant offers financial support through a hardship fund and various scholarships for refugee students to help them feel comfortable within the Sheffield Community.

Sanctuary scholarships have been set up for ten students which covers the full cost of tuition for every year of study and an allowance of £9840 for living costs.

The scholarships are available for Ukrainian students living in Sheffield or prospective Ukrainian students looking to transfer to start University Sheffield.

Vitalii Yalahuzian, a second year journalism student said: “I was lucky enough to have my savings to fall back on but in general the situation has led to our families losing everything including their income.

“I know a friend that has received vast support from the university to pay for her essentials and everything she needs.”

Endorsed by the University, A Ukrainian Action group has been set up by students to bring prominence to how to help those affected and to share students’ experiences.

In response to the war in Ukraine, the University has arranged a drop in centre for affected students as well as a peaceful vigil that runs everyday.

Student accommodation has been made available for priority Ukrainian students and over 200 rooms has been registered with the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield has said: “Our first priority is our current students and staff who have been impacted by the awful events in Ukraine.”

“A number of students have told us they are shocked and distressed about recent events. These students are being fast tracked for wellbeing and financial support.”

In a partnership with the Council for at risk academics and the Ukrainian scholars at risk scheme the University endeavours to support academics abroad to join as visitors.

Regarding the nationwide boycott of Russian services, the University has also spoken out in support of sanctions against Russia.

The University has stated they will no longer be using the energy provider Gazprom UK which is a Russian state owned corporation.





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