Students Left Horrified After Multiple Break Ins In Student Accommodation

Hundreds of students from across Endcliffe Student Village have been left terrified for their safety after intruders entered their flats. 

Students in a flat in Yarncliffe woke to to find the front door lock of their flat hanging off.

The incident was believed to happen at night whilst the students were asleep.

Daisy Dewar, 19, a philosophy and politics student living in Endcliffe said: “After last night’s break in it has made me and fellow female flatmates feel extremely cautious and anxious living in our residence which is supposed to be a safe environment.”

One break in occurred in January, after an unknown person entered a kitchen in Howden whilst students were asleep in their beds. 

Chloe Evans, 18, a journalism student living in Endcliffe said: “It was really scary to be honest. We were all asleep, it’s really scary knowing someone can get into our flat and we wouldn’t know about it.

“Security needs to make sure that no one can get  in without a key, it’s just not safe. I think that all the doors and locks should be replaced and we need more CCTV.”

The person entered the flat at around midnight. After hearing a loud crash from the kitchen, students  discovered that their drying rack had been knocked over, with their plates smashed onto the floor. 

Students in a flat in Yarncliffe on 27 April witnessed an unknown man enter their property after their door to the entrance of the block had not been fixed. 

The man reportedly walked into the flat’s kitchen, looked at the students then left the premises.

Luis McCormack,19, a medicine student in Endcliffe said: “It was really weird. It took us a couple of seconds to sink in that this person could have robbed or hurt us.”

The University of Sheffield website advises students to not leave their doors on the latch, lock all doors and windows when students are not at home, keep valuables out of sight and not to allow strangers to follow students into their block. 

Students can contact security for general advice and infraction on 0114 222 4085 or in an emergency can contact 0114 222 4444.

The University of Sheffield are yet to make a comment regarding this situation. 

Written by Jade Bullen

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