Roxy Ball Room is set to open in Sheffield this summer

A new location for the franchise Roxy Ball Room has been announced earlier this week and it’s in the heart of Sheffield.

The venue will be opening on Wellington Street in the coming months and will offer games of beer pong, pool and bowling, alongside a variety of alcoholic drinks and food.

Priding themselves on offering ‘Balls and Booze’, the hangout is designed for guests to party whilst competing in their favourite games.

Its opening is part of the £470 million regeneration scheme in Sheffield’s city centre and organisers are hoping for it to boost the cities 26th ranking for ‘Britain’s best night out’.

Kate Martin, executive director of City Futures at Sheffield City Council, said: “The Roxy Ball Room will be a fantastic new addition to Sheffield’s night-time offer.

“We’re all about celebrating fun in this city and I’m really pleased that Roxy Leisure have chosen Sheffield to home their new venue.”

Roxy is already established and enjoyed in many other UK cities, including Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham and Bristol.

The games and drink parlour will locate itself under the recently refurbished Telephone House, which is close to the popular, upmarket restaurant and bar ‘The Furnace’.

Joel Mitchell, brand development manager at Roxy Leisure, said: “This is an incredible location and we can’t wait to bring the Roxy experience to the city very soon.

“Roxy and Sheffield are perfect for each other and we are very excited to finally come to a city that we have wanted to be in for a long time.”

Bringing a night-life venue to Wellington Street will be a first for the area and will enhance the variety of social and entertainment opportunities across the city.

With pubs, bars and clubs being popular amongst students, Roxy provides the perfect balance between socialising, having fun and getting drunk.

Chloe Evans, a first year Journalism student at The University of Sheffield, said: “It will be nice to have an alternative to a club and somewhere I can talk and have fun with my friends on a night out. We will definitely be regulars when it opens.”

Written by Leila Danjoux-Ferry

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