Supermarket chain offers thousands to those who help open new stores in Sheffield

Thousands could be paid to members of the public in finders fees as Lidl has announced their annual list of cities set for new stores all across the UK.

Lidl has opened 23 new stores this year alone and are looking to build more in cities like Sheffield, Bristol, and Edenborough, and more.

Richard Taylor, chief development officer at Lidl GB, said: “We’re opening an average of one new store a week, which is incredible, and our teams have done a phenomenal job of keeping that pace going over the last couple of years.

“But there are still communities up and down the country that are telling us how much they want – and need – a Lidl store.”

The areas of Sheffield listed as desirable in the site requirements brochure include: Broomhill, Ecclesall, Fulwood, Hillsborough, and Meadowhall.

Cliff Woodcraft, a Councillor for Fulwood said: “we do welcome increased opportunities for shopping.

“It would reduce journey times for those who like to shop at Lidl, on the other hand, some people may resent the change in nature of the area.

“My only concern is where will they put it.”

Lidl, who are currently the 6th largest supermarket chain in the UK, will be investing £1.3 Billion over 2021/2022 hoping to reach the company’s lofty ambition to have 1,100 stores open in the UK by the end of 2025.

The fee is either 1.5% of the total freehold purchase price or 10% of the first year’s rent for leaseholds.

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