South Yorkshire Fire fighter convoy sent to aid war-torn Ukraine

The UK convoy on the way to Ukraine including staff from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

A South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue convoy with more than UK fire service vehicles has travelled to Ukraine to aid the country.

The convoy travelled 1,400 miles to get to Ukraine and will now be on the front line.

It is being called the #FireAid4Ukraine convoy by South Yorkshire Fire on social media.

SY Fire and Rescue said “We’re proud to be part of this convoy of donated fire service vehicles on its way from the UK to Ukraine.

“So far in the conflict at least 25 Ukrainian firefighters have been killed and 100 fire stations and 250 fire engines destroyed.”

The group made it to Ukraine yesterday.

It is a part of the efforts to support civilians escape the warzones as the latest plan to help people leave the destroyed Mariupol via the humanitarian corridor failed.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday that more armoured vehicles, drones and anti-tank weapons would be sent to Ukraine as Russia continues its attack.

One fire fighter who travelled to Ukraine said: “Tomorrow they will be in Ukraine, on the run, saving lives.

“From us here, we are now off duty, we are going to relax.

“Thank you for following our journey, and we’ll see you in South Yorkshire next week.”

You can see the fire fighter speak from Ukraine on twitter via @SYFR (South Yorkshire Fire). It took the convoy five days to get to Ukraine, travelling through six different countries to do so.

Maureen Redfern (@Redfer10Redfern) tweeted in support: “It is wonderful what you are doing, it is absolutely soul destroying what Putin is doing to the Ukraine people.

“Watching them suffering on news reports makes you feel so helpless, only wish more could be done to help them out of this nightmare.”

To show your support towards to work and aid sent by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, tweet using the hashtag: #FireAid4Ukraine.

The UK convoy on the way to Ukraine including staff from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Written by Daniel Platts

Dan Platts

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