“Ridiculous” Sheffield travel scheme could transform once “vibrant area to a closed off ghetto”

A petition was launched after outrage at an “utterly ridiculous” Sheffield scheme designed to help people get around the city.

Sheffield City council have launched a scheme called Connecting Sheffield which aims to enable people to get around the city more easily using low carbon, sustainable and inclusive ways of travelling including walking, cycling and public transport.

Connecting Sheffield, via their website, said: “We are taking a major first step to transform the transport infrastructure that people use to get around the city as part of their everyday lives.

“Connecting Sheffield is part of the long term vision for the future of travel in your city.”

But campaigner James Vickers disagrees with the proposed plans and has started a petition via Change.org which in he said: “Sheffield City Council have decided to close off many roads in the Crookes area of Sheffield, negatively impacting businesses and residents particularly the elderly and disabled, create knock on traffic chaos on surrounding main roads and will result in reducing a vibrant area to a closed off ghetto.”

The petition, which was uploaded two weeks ago, has since gained 341 signatures.

Thomas Howe, who lives in Crookes, said: “This is the most ridiculous traffic proposal I have seen.

“It is not going to make the area any more eco-friendly, in fact it will have the opposite effect with cars funnelled into already busy through ways and idling in traffic jams.”

The scheme is due to be implemented at the end of April 2022 with work expected to be completed in May 2022.

The trial is due to take place for six months and if successful formal decisions will be made around which elements of the trial should be implemented.

Laurie Sorsby said: “Utterly ridiculous proposal. What the hell is wrong with road planners?”

Catherine Rhodes, who has lived in Crookes since 1977, think the new plans will cause more harm than good. She went on to say that her family will have to travel further to get to their home.

In May Connecting Sheffield said they will share a survey with local residents and businesses to ask how you feel about the new plans.

Written by Edward Griffiths

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