Students pledge to keep litter to a minimum while basking in Sheffield Spring heatwave

Sheffield’s students are enjoying the weather whilst maintaining good order as temperatures continue to soar and more people head to parks. 

The parks within Endcliffe student village saw large numbers enjoying the sun yesterday, with young people enjoying barbecues and sports games as the public were able to relax in a mini heatwave, free from any restrictions for one of the first times since 2020. 

Vincent Mendy, 20, said: “The last few days have been brilliant. To be able to get outside and enjoy the sun with friends really lifts everyone’s mood massively, I have personally seen an upturn in my friends’ mood this week. 

“It has obviously been a difficult couple of years with all of the restrictions so to finally be able to enjoy these times with all of my friends is perfect. It has also been uplifting to see people taking in the weather in the right way, with spirits high and parks left in an impeccable condition. 

“I am looking forward to the next few days and I am sure the local area will continue to be respected.” 

It is estimated that over 2 million pieces of litter get dropped in the UK every day, having potentially harmful effects on the environment and animal population, as well as the negative aesthetic impact on local areas. 

These numbers rise when weather improves and many people descend on parks and public attractions, costing the British Taxpayer over £1 billion a year for street cleaning. 

Josie Isle, 19, a History and English Student, said: “Whilst I always look forward to nice weather, I am also conscious that with large amounts of people gathering, there is always a chance that parks can become trashed and local estates left untidy. 

“Therefore, I have been really glad to see my fellow students enjoying themselves and maintaining the park’s condition at the same time, with people bringing their own bin bags and ensuring that very little litter was left behind.” 

The good weather is forecasted to continue into the weekend, with highs of 18 on Friday and 17 on Saturday and local parks and public attractions are likely to see higher footfall than usual as the Sheffield public enjoy the spring temperatures.

Written by Josh Brewer

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