Sheffield students to run the distance to Ukraine as crisis continues

Students at the University of Sheffield have pledged to run 1,451 miles in a bid to raise money for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Members of the cheerleading, football and American football societies will collectively walk, run or cycle the distance from Sheffield to Ukraine.

Sena Aydin, 22, fundraising secretary for the Pom Cheerleading society, said: “As University students in the UK we are very privileged to be here and not living in a war zone. Anything we can do to help raise money is really important, especially when people’s lives are on the line.

“It is such a horrible situation for the people of Ukraine, so we decided to organise the appeal as the money we raise will provide them with essential provisions.”

The money raised will go directly to the Disaster Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal, which focuses on supplying essential provisions such as food, water, shelter and medical assistance.

The charity has predicted that 18 million people overall will be affected by the escalating conflict in Ukraine.

Lucy Morrison, 19, who is participating as a member of the cheerleading squad, said: “I think raising money for the crisis is almost necessary, so to be a part of that makes me feel quite proud.

“The fundraiser not only raises money for the crisis, but also helps to raise awareness for the hostile situation in Ukraine.”

The clubs have managed to exceed their mileage goal within the first week of fundraising.

Henry Veary, 18, who plays American football for the university, said: “We will never truly understand the gravity of the situation, but by raising money we can recognise our position of peace and comfort, which is sought after in Ukraine.

“I feel proud that the Sabres have come together to help the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.”

Donations to the ‘Run for Ukraine’ appeal will be open until Friday 1st April.

Written by Jessica Whitaker

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