Glass artist sells handmade Ukrainian jewellery and sends money to Ukraine appeal

A glass maker has created handmade Ukrainian-coloured jewellery and sold them on Facebook to raise money for people affected by the war in Ukraine. 

All money will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine appeal.

Jo Kingston has been a glass artist for 25 years, and decided to use her skills to help raise money for the Ukraine crisis and spread awareness on Facebook. 

Mrs Kingston, 72, Glass Artist said: “I was so horrified by what had happened in Ukraine, I just wanted to help in any way I could. It’s a small way but any contribution is needed.

“I thought I needed to do something, and then I thought I could use my skills as a glass artist to make something for Ukraine. The colours of the Ukraine flag are so beautiful I thought it was perfect.”

Mrs Kingston has so far raised £250 from selling her jewellery, and has sent 100 percent of the money to the disaster emergency committee in Ukraine.

The range of jewellery she sells include badges, brochures, earrings, pins and pendants. 

Mrs Kingston said: “I make things that are fairly practical like badges, brochures, and earrings. It was to appeal to people of all ages.”

The DEC charities are experts in humanitarian relief, who help deliver aid to those trusted partners that help people in need in global crises. 

Katie Abbotts, Press Officer Manager for DEC said: “There are 15 charities who are working in Ukraine and other countries. The money raised is split between those.” 

The Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal has accumulated £200 million in its first two weeks of being launched, and any donations made to the appeal are used to help fund the charity workers in Ukraine supporting the refugees and displaced people with their immediate needs. 


Written by Emily Hawtin

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