Climbers of the world gather for Sheffield’s Climbing Works International Fair

Some of the world’s best climbers have assembled in Sheffield for the Climbing Works International Fair to compete and raise funds for multiple charities.

The competition raised £1,380 through ticket sales and raffle tickets, while Sheffield Climbing Works donated an additional £500, while competitors from across the world competed over several rounds scaling walls over the course at the weekend.  

Sarah Moran, one of the organisers, said: “Management team spent months in advance organising the event. I enjoy working every CWIF every year. I do not mind I worked 27 hours over the weekend.

“The 450 spaces sold out very quickly and spectator tickets sold out straight away.”

The CWIF was able to raise £1880 for both the Climbers against Cancer charity, and the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian appeal.

Max Milne, the winner of the male bracket, said: “It was great to compete with a crowd, there hasn’t been many crowds and having teammates and Coaches.” 

The event spanned the entire weekend, with a qualification round, a semi final and a final with both a male and female bracket.

Ayala Kerem, the winner of the female side of the tournament, said: “It was awesome! The Qualifications are special because we all climb together, like a big fun climbing session

“We were amazed by the quality of the gyms in Sheffield.”

She added the CWIF adding to the rich history of climbing with Sheffield and Yorkshire.

Climbing Works has a strong reputation in the area, holding many competitions including two more events to end off the month, hosting both the Sheffield Schools Bouldering competition and the Greater Sheffield final.

Mr Milne added: “Sheffield is definitely amazing for climbing, the outdoor scene is amazing and indoor for training is great.” Even comparing the atmosphere to what he experienced at the climbing World Cup in Salt Lake.

Max went on to admit that climbing can be an expensive sport to get into, saying “it is very expensive, I was partly lucky because the instructor i worked with gave me a few free sessions, then i got British team… It’s something I’d love to help with in future.”

If you would like to add to the donations that have already been raised then please visit or .

Written by Henry Hurt

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