Suspected shoplifter caught by police

By Alice Haldane

A suspected shoplifter was stopped by the police on Ecclesall Road outside Boots pharmacy. 

At around 4.45pm on Tuesday March 22, a woman was held by two police officers outside the pharmacy, in the Berkeley Precinct.

Another man was also seen near a police van which was parked outside the chemist.

Two police officers with the woman (sitting inside) and the man.

The woman was holding a medium-sized, pink shopping bag which was later taken from her and given back to one of the Boots employees.

A second police car later attended the scene.

Iris Colver, an eyewitness, said: “I saw a big police van which was parked up and there were two police officers at the scene.

“I was inside Boots when a police lady came in holding a bag and handed it to a lady at the back who worked there.

“About three weeks ago, I was in the same Boots and a man came in and grabbed a bunch of toiletries and ran out of the store. The worker shouted his name, so it seemed like a regular thing that happened there as they knew him.”

South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for a comment.

According to the website ‘StreetCheck’, 96 crimes happened in January 2022 within half a mile of the centre of S11 8TA, where the pharmacy is located.

Written by Alice Haldane

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