Students support Taiwanese players at All England Open Badminton Championships

Sheffield Taiwanese Students travelled to Birmingham to support Chinese Taipei players at the All England Open Badminton Championship.

The UK-wide competition was held between March 16 to 20.

Students from Sheffield travelled down to support Women’s singles player Tai Tzu-ying of Chinese Taipei who reach the semi-final of the competition.

Another Chinese Taipei player, Chou Tien-chen competed for the semi-final in men’s singles on Saturday.

In order to show support for their own country, Sheffield Taiwanese students gather independently to support the Chinese Taipei players. 

On Saturday Morning, these Taiwanese students took banners and flags and boarded the train to Birmingham. 

Eddy Lu, 25, a Sheffield Taiwanese student, said: “I felt really excited and touched when we saw the moment that Tai Tzu-ying came out, the screen was displaying her image and everyone was shouting for her.”

Harry Xue, 19, a Sheffield Taiwanese student, said: “It’s rare to meet so many Taiwanese people at the same time in the UK. Not only us, we met a lot of Taiwanese, who came from different cities to support Tai Tzu-ying and Chou Tien-chen.

“The competition was brilliant, even though our players had been defeated, but the moment that every Taiwanese audience cheered for them was memorable.”

After the competition, Tai-Tzu-ying posted a message on Instagram to thank all the fans who came along to support her and to cheer at the competition.

“I’m really happy and grateful we have such a big fanbase here as it’s been very quiet for the last few tournaments, so it gives me a lot of motivation,” she said.


Written by Irene Chuang

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