New high-vis jackets for fire crews

Firefighters at road smashes will be more visible to the public thanks to new brightly-coloured jackets.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has bought the new high visibility uniforms as part of a regional collaboration with neighbouring fire and rescue services in North Yorkshire and Humberside.

South Yorkshire’s Assistant Chief Fire Officer Tony Carlin, said the new equipment signalled the service’s commitment to “providing our firefighters with the very best clothing and equipment”.

Mr Carlin added: “We are dedicated to working with our neighbouring services and this is another clear example of a collaboration project that not only enhances the safety of our firefighters, but ensures best value to the people we serve.”

The jackets provide high visibility, water protection and are designed to be as lightweight and breathable as possible.

They will also allow fire crews to manoeuvre more easily and comfortably at incidents where traditional fire kit is not required.

Steve Topham, director of service support delivery, at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, said: “The new jackets have been really well received by crews who now have a wider choice of clothing appropriate for non-fire incidents.

“The regional collaboration has been a real success and ensures that we deliver on our objective of getting the best value for money where possible when purchasing vehicles, equipment and clothing.”

The jackets will also be used when dealing with small fires in the open.

Dave Winspear, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service’s director of capabilities said: “We work really hard to make sure that our firefighters are provided with the most appropriate kit.

“It meets all the requirements of a high-vis jacket and you’ll see our firefighters wearing them when attending non-structural incidents like road traffic collisions.”

UK fire and rescue services have been encouraged to work together to drive down the amount spent on essential goods such as frontline equipment and workwear.

The Policing & Crime Act 2017 placed a new statutory duty on emergency services to look at opportunities to work collaboratively.

Olivie Kalejova, a Law student studying at the University of Sheffield, said: “The new equipment is great as it allows not only the firefighters to be safe but also visible to road users.”

Written by Charlie Fenton

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