Residents call for motorists to be fined after boy struck by car outside school

Louise Haigh is backing the campaign for the pelican crossing

City residents have called for parents who park illegally near schools to be fined after a 14-year-old boy suffered a fractured skull when he was struck by a car outside a Sheffield school.

The incident happened outside Meadowhead School Academy Trust on Dyche Lane in Norton, Sheffield.

Kristian Moor, posting about the incident on Facebook said: “It certainly needs to be safer. The problem doesn’t end there. Woodseats Road doesn’t have a crossing either. At one point four roads come together within a small area and close to the school.”

Natalie Tivey said: “The issue is the number of cars parked outside and the number of kids who run out whilst messing with their friends. The amount of kids shoving their friends into the road is beyond stupid. There’s no road sense anymore! We’ve seen this happen on multiple occasions daily!”

Meanwhile, Net Burton said: “The fact that parents parking their cars outside schools in Sheffield in general at drop off and home time.. complete nightmare. Every parent will say the same: will the council start fining the parents? Number plate recognition would be a start, especially those that think its okay to park on the pavements and double yellow lines.”

Staff at the school contacted their local MP Louise Haigh to ask for her to lobby the council and call for a pelican crossing to be installed to keep pupils safe when crossing Dyche Lane.  

Louise Haigh said: “Young people should feel safe in and around their schools and it’s extremely worrying that a number of serious car accidents have occurred outside Meadowhead School in the last few weeks. 

“The student that was injured in the latest incident fractured his skull in two places.

“I’ve contacted Sheffield City Council, as a matter of urgency, about the need for a crossing outside the school.

“I would urge all drivers to drive with care, especially around school facilities.”

Kam Grewal-Joy, head teacher at the school has urged drivers not to park on double yellow lines outside the facility, so children can cross the road more safely. 

She said: “Unfortunately, there have been a number of incidents in the last three years resulting in injury to children whilst crossing the road.

“We have been informed that a number of Sheffield City Council departments are now looking at our request with urgency and we hope that it will result in positive action for the students at Meadowhead.” 


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