‘Egg Run’ returns to Children’s Hospital after pandemic break

By Bethia Wyborn

Sheffield’s popular Children’s Hospital Easter Egg Run which has been taking place over the past 20 years is back  – after a two year break due to Covid 19.

Now COVID restrictions have eased, the annual event will take place on Sunday April 17.

The Egg Run involves motor bikers riding through the centre of Sheffield and delivering Easter Eggs to children in the Sheffield’s Children Hospital.

Michael Peat, 41, carer and organiser of the Egg Run, said: “It’s great, everyone loves to be involved. It’s a spectacle and everyone likes a spectacle, lots of bikes, lots of noise, lots of things to see. It’s exciting.

“People get to see the other side of the bikers driving down the road. Everybody has someone they know who is a biker, they see it’s not just somebody on two wheels going past you.”

Mr Peat has been attending the race since 2009 but started organising the run officially in 2019.

The cause is significant to Mr Peat after his son Theo received care for a burn from the “incredible” hospital in 2016 when he was nine.

A spokesperson for The Children’s Hospital Charity, said: “We’re so excited to announce that the Egg Run is back in person after two years off and we can’t wait to see you all. 

“We will be putting measures in place to ensure it is as safe as possible for all involved and the general public, we’ll also be adhering to government guidelines at all times and if any changes are made to these guidelines will adapt the event as necessary.”

The Egg Run hopes to raise money specifically for a new bed at Ryegate House.

The bed is specially designed with access to ceiling track hoists and oxygen supply, providing a safe sleeping environment for children with complex neurological needs.

Andrew Burgin-Wild, 37, an IT engineer, said: “As a patient of Sheffield Children’s Hospital many years ago it’s great to give something back.

“Every year my wife and I dress up, bring the dog and join the parade. It’s how we start every biking season.”

To support the cause, the public can donate using the link below or by turning up to the event and cheering on the bikers.


Written by Bethia Wyborn

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