Flooding causes women’s shelter to go without hot water

A domestic abuse charity is appealing for help after a flood destroyed their hot water system.

Sheffield Women’s Aid is a specialist domestic abuse charity that supports hundreds of women and children. They provide a single-sex temporary refugee accommodation to women, children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse.

One of the refuge accommodations has recently suffered a flood in one part of the building and a crack in the water heating system; leaving residents temporarily without hot water.

Nicky Richardson, Rent Control Officer, who is currently covering the role of Building Management Administrator, at Sheffield Women’s Aid, said: “The women have no access to hot water, other than through boiling kettles. This meant that residents had to boil multiple kettles to bathe themselves and their children.”

During this distressing time, Sheffield Women’s Aid appealed to local gyms for assistance.

“We simply asked if local gyms could offer women and children if they could use their showing facilities. Unfortunately none felt able to,” said Miss Richardson.

Following this crisis, Sheffield Women’s Aid are appealing to the public for donations to help fund the installation of the new heating system.

“We are inordinately grateful to our residents for being incredibly understanding and patient during this situation,” said Miss Richardson.

In return, the charity cancelled service charges while the installation was taking place, costing the organisation in the region of nine hundred pounds.

Before installing the new water heater system, the old system was shut off and completely drained, leaving the families with no water for a few hours.

Josh Smith, from SPS advised that, in order to remedy the situation, the estimated charges may be in the region of eight to ten thousand pounds. As work is still ongoing to fine-tune the newly installed water heaters, the full cost is yet to be established thus, the charity appeals to the public for financial aid for the families they accommodate during this unforeseen situation.

Written by Dennis Minter

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