Family’s anguish over missing woman last seen in Sheffield

The father of a missing woman who vanished from Sheffield last week has spoken out in a desperate appeal to find her.

Ruoxin Huang, 27, a PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh disappeared on March 14.

Min Huang, father of the female, said to Shef Live: “We used to be in touch by video call every Saturday, this is our main contact way. However, since March 2nd she has lost any contact with us and we have no way of knowing what happened, we only know that she ended up in Sheffield with her friends.

“We have a good family relationship, and the reason for her disappearance would not be a quarrel with the family.”

Ms. Huang last had contact with friends on March 14.

Jinhan Guo, a friend of Ms Huang, said: “After she came to Sheffield, she lived in a student apartment in the city centre, with her friends. We are surprised and worried about this, she is usually a very quiet and kind person.”

The pubs, restaurants and cafes Ms Huang had visited in Sheffield were also interviewed and questioned, but they were unable to give further information.

Ms Huang’s BRP card has expired, which means that she has no way to rent, register information and other activities by herself.

Written by Zhen Zhang

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