April heatwaves: what do you think?

Heatwaves across England this April are predicted to cause highs of 28 degrees Celsius in South Yorkshire.

Sheflive went to Peace Gardens in Sheffield to ask the public for their plans in the sun.

Rishi Miriyala, 17, student, said: “Luckily I won’t be in school when it comes, because it’s the Easter holidays soon, so hopefully I’ll just be relaxing.”

Stephen, 35, said: “Probably just try to stay out of trouble. I’ll try to get out for some fun but I’m in temporary accommodation right now so I’m trying to get enough money to get out of that.”

Jack, 20, student, said: “Just enjoy it really, we don’t get heat often, so just go out and spend lots of money in beer gardens.”

Dawn Past, a graphic shirt designer, said: “Enjoy it. This is the weather you pay to go abroad for, we don’t get it up here so definitely just enjoy it.”

Mackenzie Mytenka, 18, a student from Fulwood Road, said: ” I guess I plan on going to beer gardens, hopefully playing some sport, and maybe a light bit of travelling too.”

Rosie Leah, 18, an interior design student, said: “My friends and I are cycling to Norfolk Park on Thursday to have a barbecue, I reckon we’ll buy a small football to bring along, I’m hoping to have a few drinks too, get hammered and soak up the rays.”

Adam, 19, student, said: “Try not to get burned.”

Written by Dennis Minter

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