A Sheffield Chinese restaurant cuts waste to make money

By Ming Gana

A Sheffield Chinese restaurant is combating food waste and is making money at the same time.

The Chilli Flow restaurant in West Street is selling waste products to a recycling company as well as making a positive contribution to sustainability.

Sheflive spoke to the owner Steven Lin following the Second National Food Waste Action Week.

“We are even paid from the food waste we give them,” said Mr Lin, 40, from Shanghai, China, the owner of the Chilli Flow Chinese restaurant. 

They cooperate with a Waste Oil Recycling company, MIA Waste Oil LTD. They give them the used kitchen oil twice a week, and the waste oil recycling company will pay the restaurant back and will reuse the waste further for industrial detergent. 

On average, the food waste they have is about 3-5 kilograms a day, they will give it to a food waste recycling company. 

At the same time, they encourage and allow customers to bring their own drinks to the restaurant to reduce food waste.

Mr Lin said: “Customers will be charged if they waste a certain amount of food,”

“For example, if the customer ordered ten beef Skewers and three left, customers will be charged for those 3 skewers.” 

According to the national campaign, Love Food Hate Waste, the brand organised the Action week, about a third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted. 

The purpose of Food Waste Action Week is to create lasting change that helps to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goal of having global food waste by 2030.

According to the 2011 United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), if global food waste was a country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China and the US.

At the same time, Sheffield council has announced a government-led food waste collection service, starting in 2023. 

For 2021-22, there are a total of 51,887 tonnes of household waste in Sheffield, with 66.26% of it being sent for recovery and 26.54% of it being recycled, according to the Sheffield City Council page.

Waste Management Sheffield offers food waste collection service. They can help dispose of food waste environmentally and effectively, no matter if it is for individuals or restaurants. 

Waste Management Sheffield offers free bin and one month free collections. 

Written by Gana Ming

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