Sheffield Cub Scout group at risk of closure if volunteers are not found to help lead the ‘lovely’ group.

Long-time running Sheffield Cub Scout group is at risk of closure without aid from new volunteers to help lead the group which would leave the children ‘devastated’.

St Chads Cubs group has issued an urgent request for more volunteers after struggling to find people to lead the sessions. 

The effect of the closure would be felt by the entire community but especially within the Beaver and Scout groups as they would not have that strong link connecting the two together anymore. This has caused worry that it may lower the amount of people that join the Beavers as well.

The Cub Scouts are regarded as a large part of their community as they often work with the church to do and take part in the remembrance services. 

Although some Parents want to help save the group they cannot be full time volunteers because they work full time and cannot take on the large commitment which is why there is such an urgent need for full-time volunteers.

The ideal candidate would be someone who is passionate about working with children typically aged eight to ten years old, has patience and is enthusiastic about helping lead young children. They would also need to be able to handle the large commitment

Whilst having a £12 a month subscription fee, they offer help to those from disadvantaged backgrounds to ensure everyone can take part in their activities.

A concerned parent, Kate Tetley, 41, Woodseats said: ‘the children love going each week and are devastated that it might close for good.’

The group’s weekly Thursday sessions have different focuses ranging from outdoor games and activities to more structured activities. During sessions they have learnt about disability awareness week and also are doing some mothers day arts and crafts next week.

The variety of activities is one of the large draws for parents as it allows their children to unwind in a safe and healthy environment and the kids really enjoy it themselves. 

One of the most popular activities is the camping trips away that allow the children to experience very unique experiences like abseiling or canoeing. These camping trips range from being only a few days to a week long. 

If you are interested in volunteering then you are encouraged to contact 

Written by Ewan Jardine

A journalism student who is just seeing what each day brings and then reporting what happens.

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