Menstruation Matters hosts ‘Go With the Flow’ campaign to fight period poverty in South Yorkshire

A charity tackling period poverty in South Yorkshire is currently hosting their month-long ‘Go With the Flow’ campaign.

Those involved in the campaign by Menstruation Matters will take on various biking or hiking routes across Sheffield, and will be donning a red top in support of the charity. 

A new route will be revealed at the start of each week, and varies from the city to the peaks. Participants have the chance to win exciting prizes if they finish their route the fastest or share the best photo of the campaign on social media.

Menstruation Matters have been supporting women of various backgrounds in the South Yorkshire community since 2018.

A spokesperson for Menstruation Matters, said: “Originally, we supported women across South Yorkshire who are primarily from BAMER communities, and are fleeing sexual or domestic abuse. Since 2019, we have extended our support to young adults such as school leavers and food banks within Sheffield.

“The women we support are experiencing ‘period poverty’ or ‘period inequity’, which is when someone who menstruates is unable to afford menstrual protection. Instead, she may use items such as socks, rags, newspaper, and toilet roll to stop the bleeding, or change sanitary protection less often, which can cause infections.”

Menstruation Matters has used their donations to provide such women with free menstrual products, and educational pamphlets on menstruation to enable them to make informed choices. 

The charity partners with local girl guides, who package the menstrual products and a chocolate bar into ‘love shoe boxes’. In return, the girl guides earn their ‘End Period Poverty’ badge through learning to break down the stigma associated with menstruation and menstrual poverty.

Menstruation Matters also run reusable sanitary pad sewing workshops to tackle the issue of plastic waste associated with menstrual products.

The spokesperson for Menstruation Matters continued: “We’ve started a ‘plastic neutral’ scheme where we run reusable sanitary pad sewing workshops to teach the public about sustainability and promote eco-friendly forms of protection.”

The ‘Go With the Flow’ campaign commenced on the 14th of March, and will be ongoing throughout the month. Those interested in taking part can purchase tickets at

Written by Athenea Lim

Journalism student at UoS from Singapore

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