£340,000 to be awarded to Hilllsborough Library as part of government scheme

A £340,000 grant has been awarded to Hillsborough Library to reconfigure its entrance as part of the Art Council’s Cultural Investment Fund.

Hillsborough Library is amongst 25 library services to receive part of a £5m grant, through the Libraries Improvement Fund, to improve their buildings and technology.

The funds will go towards the reconfiguration of the library’s entrance, meaning the Children’s library and library will share one entrance.

The funding has been welcomed by library users in the town.

Annabella Taunten, of Malin Bridge, said: “This is great news for families,”

“It will make going to the library more of a family experience which is what it should be.”

Lionell Walter, of Hillsborough, who visits the library every week with his two children said: “I am happy that Hillsborough has been acknowledged with this funding,”

“We are such a rich community.”

David Welsh, of Hillsborough, who has been visiting the library for the last 40 years, said: “Libraries are so important to the local community especially to children,”

“It is about time that the government puts more funding into things like libraries.”

£48m will be awarded to more than 60 galleries, museums, libraries and other cultural venues nationwide.

This includes £267,000 to be awarded to Leeds Library and Information Services and £3.9m to be awarded to Barnsley Museums.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council England are working together to deliver the fund.

Darren Henley, Chief Executive of Arts Council England, said: “Our artists, arts organisations, museums and libraries are experts in making villages, towns and cities better places to live, work, visit or play.”

“This investment means they’ll be able to help more people across England to lead happier, more creative lives.”

Arts Minister, Lord Parkinson, said: “This (funding) will help them continue their great work, advance our work to level up access to arts and culture so they can be enjoyed by people, no matter where they live and protect these cherished institutions for future generations to enjoy.”

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