What does Sheffield think of £21,000 being spent on adding double yellow lines to several roads in the city?

£21,000 will be spent by Sheffield Council to paint double yellow lines on nine roads throughout the city in an attempt to improve the traffic hotspots.

Several more of Sheffield’s roads will be receiving the dual yellow lines along their edges after the council received complaints about the roads from their residents.

The money will be going to help tackle some well known hotspots for obstructive parking and long traffic queues with lengthy sections of the yellow strips. 

There will be nine roads getting the new lines along their edges. These are: Button Hill and Ranelagh Drive, Carter Knowle Road, Fossdale Road, High Street, Medlock Drive, Sevenairs Road, Town End Road and Willow Drive.

These roads mostly cover areas within Ecclesfield, Beighton and Handsworth.

Sheflive asked the people of Sheffield what they thought and received varied responses.

Roy Beckett, 73,  Grimesthorpe Road, said: ‘Well it’s just absolutely ridiculous. The yellow lines that are painted on the roads currently are constantly just ignored so why would these new ones be? For that price you’d think they would have better ideas in place.’

Ellie Davis, 24, Staniforth Road, said: ‘It feels like a bit of a waste of money. It should have been spent on any number of better things to help tackle the problem including fixing potholes which just seem to be getting worse by the day.’ 

Leanne Pesters, 57, Norfolk Road, said: ‘It’s something but they need to make sure that they have wardens on patrol to check that the rules are being followed otherwise what’s the point?’ 

The decision to implement these restrictions was made by the executive member for climate change, environment and transport councillor Douglas Johnson.

The decision was made on 16 March 2022. A  statement on the council’s website said that the measures will address obstructive parking and improve pedestrian safety.

However, the original plans received at least 25 complaints and as a result significant reductions have been made.

These were due to several different worries but included a lack of parking and displacement of the traffic onto neighbouring streets. 

The changes were most significant in Town End Road where the original 370m of double yellow lines has been reduced to a lower 78m and Willow Drive where restrictions have been reduced to the bare minimum.

Written by Ewan Jardine

A journalism student who is just seeing what each day brings and then reporting what happens.

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