Sheffield centre 20-year plan set to transform city.

The 20-year Sheffield city centre plan has been announced by the city council following positive responses from businesses and residents after consultation.

The plan will see a host of new bars, restaurants, shops, and thousands of new homes springing up from the Moor to Castlegate over the coming years.

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, Executive Member for City Futures: Development, Culture and Regeneration, said: “Creating this shared Vision for the future of the city centre is a major step forward for Sheffield and will help us to make sure that our city continues to thrive for years to come.

“This has been a really good opportunity to hear what people think about our city centre and to get residents and businesses involved in shaping our next steps together.”

Three quarters of the 1500 people who responded to the proposals set out in the City Centre Vision, agreed with the themes identified as most important for future development.

These themes include: quality green spaces, health and wellbeing, inclusive neighbourhoods and new homes, culture, heritage, leisure, retail, sustainability and net zero.

Improving walking, cycling and public transport routes is key to addressing the climate emergency Sheffield is facing, and is one of the ways in which the city centre will be a blueprint for future growth.

Millions of pounds of investment have also been secured to rejuvenate Fargate, High Street and Castlegate, the areas will be made more attractive, with a new focus on outdoor seating, looking to further the pavement café culture that has become popular in other parts of the city centre, such as Division Street.


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