Medical technology launch event today in Sheffield

A medical technology outreach company launched an event today introducing a number of start up companies to help South Yorkshire.

The company, P4SY promoting universal and technologically advanced healthcare launched the beginning of multiple companies in Sheffield.

The aim of this event was to bring a new cohort of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in healthcare and make it more accessible for those in South Yorkshire.

Dr Sarah Haywood-Small from Sheffield Hallam, presented her idea for a breathalyser to detect early cancer.

This was originally a patient idea for a less invasive and more accessible diagnosis method.

The current testing and diagnosis process can take weeks or even months, which can impact a patients mental health, life and treatment. Most tests can be quiet invasive and not local to most people, making the process into more of an ordeal than needed.

Dr Sarah Haywood-Small said: “Honestly I think it would be brilliant as its quicker and more universal for people to be tested without the draining process of multiple appointments.”

Another company that was presented was Beautiful Voice by Yun Bing who wants to help stroke survivors with more adequate speech therapy.

She said that waiting lists were too long for short term treatment that gives little help.

The treatment currently available provides little help, and isolates people with speaking difficulties after a stroke.

“It’s a more motivating and enjoyable way for people to get the personalized help they need.”

Miss Margaret Howard has praised Beautiful Voice for their care to detail and how amazing the concept is.

“I wish it had existed when I was first dealing with speaking after my stroke. It was struggle for me and my daughter at the time trying to communicate. I think it will truly change so many lives”

P4SY has had a great launch event, announcing so many more start up teams into this years cohort.

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