Sheffield’s slimming footballers collaborate with food bank to tackle hunger

A mens football team hopes to target hunger and poverty by donating food supplies to a local fooodbank.

The group, known as Man V Fat, is an organisation which uses football as a way to help men across Sheffield lose weight.

They have recently teamed up with The S6 Food Bank, and is donating food at its weekly sessions on a Tuesday at St Georges Park in Graves.

Guy Bell, 30, who represents Man V Fat Sheffield, said: “We decided we could do more as a club, and decided that a bunch of fat lads handing food over to people who actually need it would work well.

“Last Tuesday’s session quadrupled the amount of food we collected in the first week, so we hope to just keep growing.”

The food bank, which is located on Gilpin Street in Sheffield , makes regular appeals for products.

Alison Wise, 43, from the S6 food bank, said: “We met the team and they are lovely and really positive. They seem really keen to raise awareness.

“They are a community group who help people as well, so the two work well together. We hope it will be very beneficial.”

The foodbank is currently appealing for tinned meat, long life fruit juice, toiletries and nappies from the public.

Mrs Wise highlighted how important food donations and cash are for the charity.

“We can make your cash work harder than you can. You may have £5, but we can turn that into £7 or £8 by bulk buying products.”

The partnership between the two groups is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Man v Fat is currently open to further collaborations with restaurants who serve healthy food, and the club is open to anyone in the area who wants to lose weight through playing football.


Written by Jessica Whitaker

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