Huge donations collected by Crookes social club for Ukrainian Refugees

A Crookes social club has said that donations to its Ukrainian appeal have exceeded all expectations.

Crookes Social Club posted about the appeal on its Facebook page on 4 March and received an immediate,  enthusiastic response from Sheffielders.

Many people left messages on Facebook asking how they could help. As of March 11 the club has received five tonnes of donations from nearby residents in just one week.

Maurice Champeau, 53, the secretary and general manager of Crookes social club, said: “ The Ukrainian Refugee appeal is going amazingly well and the amount of donations from everyone greatly exceeded my expectations.

“I’ve been following news coverage of the war in Ukraine.This human suffering on a scale I have never seen before andI felt I needed to do something for the people of Ukraine who have been forced to suffer unimaginable hardship through no fault of their own. ”

Maurice admitted that the appeal had been a lot of work, but said its nothing when you look at the conditions currently being seen in Ukraine.

He said: “I’m nothing like as tired as those who’ve walked miles in freezing conditions to get to safety. It’s been extra work for me but in the grand scale of things it’s nothing. I’ll keep going for as long as there is a need.

Lauren King, who works at the club, said: “ We planned to transfer all the donations collected to The Red Cross, they told us they are desperately in need of blankets ,sleeping bags, children’s toys ,long-lasting dry food ,sanitary products and personal hygiene products and candles.

“But unfortunately The Red Cross are now unable to take the donations so they are now moving from a newly set up group on Facebook for Ukrainian support and they will join a convoy from Britannia removals in Peterborough next week. We will continue to hold preparatory conference next step decision news.”

Vicky, owner of a gift shop in Nether Edge, said: “ I want to donate some of my candle stock and I have packing boxes from deliveries that I’ve had this week.”

“I will send those donations to the club on Sunday afternoon and help them pack their donations into boxes for easy shipping. I know they’re short on staff, so I’ll be volunteering on Sundays.”

The club said on Facebook that there is no cut off ,volunteers will collect donations until they are no longer needed. People can drop in their donations to the club seven days a week from 9:30 am.

Written by YI LI

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